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Influence Through Leadership

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What is K Starr Coaching?

Even if you have never heard of the term Executive Coach before, you know what we do. A Coach is that person in our lives that makes it possible for us to dream bigger and go farther than we ever thought possible.

Who does that for you?


The Goal

We know that everyone needs a coach, in fact even coaches need a coach!

“You can only lead others where you yourself are prepared to go.”  ~ Lachlan McLean

So how far are you willing to go?  We will walk with you through the journey of discovery, clearly defining and then surpassing that goal.  

Why is this so important?  Because, as Les Brown says "It's hard to see the frame when you're in the picture." 

We all have blind spots, areas of uncertainty, and yes we even fail as leaders. That's why it is so important to have someone who is outside of your regular sphere of influence who can help you clearly define the next steps to take.


Everything rises and falls on Leadership.  ~John Maxwell

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Your Sphere of Influence

Whether you are the C.E.O. or a student, everyone has influence.  The question is, how are you using it?

Darren Hardy, Editor of Success Magazine says, "If you're not improving you're falling behind."  What are you doing to improve today?  How are you being intentional about that growth so that you achieve the desired result?

As your coach, I will walk with you through this process. Whether it is with Group Coaching, Speaking at an Event, or as your personal Executive Coach... our purpose is to add value to you and your organization.

How may we be of service?





In order to have more... you must become more. ~ Zig Ziglar


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Features Overview

Executive Coaching, Team Coaching and Guest Speaking are all a part of our passion to help all of us lead well.

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Executive Coaching

This is the unique experience that brings awareness and encourages personal growth. No matter what your position is in the organization, we can never lead anyone somewhere that we haven’t already been ourselves. With a growth plan tailored to your needs, Executive Coaching is the experience that will take your career to heights you never thought possible.

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Team Coaching

Do you find yourself dreading the next meeting? Does your team communication seem to be lacking? Did you know that it doesn’t have to be this way? The best teams have to go through a time of building, growing together and even challenging each other. But you don’t have to lead this alone! Team Coaching means having an experienced guide to take your team on the journey to greater productivity and stronger motivation.

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Guest Speaking

Tired of having the same people, talk about the same topic, and sound the same as everyone else? To have a memorable event you need to have a different perspective. Someone who will challenge the thinking of the group and encourage a new way of approaching life’s challenges. Speaking on a range of topics, the experience that Keesha has in theater, public speaking, and leading teams culminates in a unique experience for any group looking to be encouraged.